Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Even as a kid I was fascinated with traveling to distant & exotic places. I would get everything I needed for my journey and make my bed or couch into the ship that would take me to my destination. My mom would get mad if she called for me because I would tell her I cant come I am in the middle of the ocean LOL Now I haven't done a lot of traveling as an adult other then a few places with in the U.S. But I definitely aspire to travel to a few places before I leave this world.





New Orleans:

And I know I posted this the other day but I would really LOVE to go Rv-ing around our beautiful USA!!

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Sierra said...

I've always wanted to visit Salem too. It would be a great trip we could take as a PC group thing with the kiddies. I think I would enjoy it more with fellow pagans vs. nonpagan family or by myself with no one to talk about it with while I'm there who values it the same way.