Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Success Story.....

I love the chance to talk about how someone I know used The Secret and has had a big achievement. And today I am so proud of this one that it literally brought to tears to my eyes. My best Friend of 18 years now, is in school to learn medical office and billing, she has fancied the idea of continuing on with her education after her 11 year old graduates from high school and go on to become a forensic scientist or a medical examiner. We have joked and called her Dr. B like the Dr. G from t.v. She has gone through some hard times like most people, with love, family, money you name it. And a few times in the past year she has had a couple lows were she thought she might have to quite school and get a job tending bar or something else to just get by. Well she has heard her share of me preaching The Secret to her and staying positive and visualizing her goals ect ect. And today it has paid off for her in an even bigger way then she expected. Yesterday her class took a field trip to the county morgue and the Medical examiners who run it were so impressed with her that they pulled her teacher aside and want her to come back part time to start training with them till she graduates next month and then come to work there full time and they are going to pay for her to go to U of M to get licensed and become a medical examiner herself!!! She is so excited and she has every reason to be, I am so happy for her! Like I said she has struggled in life and now is her time to shine! I am sure she is walking on a cloud right now and I know it will continue to get even better for her! Now it is time to CELEBRATE!!!!!

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