Monday, September 21, 2009


This weeks theme is gratitude

I was unsure of what I would post about this week, as excited as I am for Halloween and fall I need to save some of my ideas for the month of October or I will run dry... hmm run dry on Halloween NEVER hahahahaha! Anyways I always say when in doubt GRATITUDE is always good to fall back on.

This morning as I was walking into work I thought ugh I would rather be in bed, but then thought as I said good morning to a co worker.... It IS a good morning and no I would not rather be in bed I am so happy to have a job and be going into work right now, I could be at home worrying how I am going to provide for my children but I am not. I am so thankful for my job, not to mention the fact that most of the time I actually like it! And I know to many people that dont have a job at all or are miserable at the one they do have. So today I am thankful for my job, my coworkers and especially that paycheck that comes faithfully every two weeks! So todays message of GRATITUDE is to be thankful for the employment that you have, if you dont have a job and you want one dont worry about were it is going to come from and dwell on the fact that "the economy is bad and there are no jobs out there", because with that mind set you will not find a job. Get up every morning and get ready as if you were going to your dream job and begin your job search for 8 hours a day & pretend its just another normal work day, keep happy thoughts flowing and before you know it you will once again be among the working class!!!
The news and talk shows and newspapers all they talk about is the economy and no jobs and its soo bad ect.... I try not to eve watch any of that or pay it attention if noone bought into all of the negative news then there would be alot less of it!

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