Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is a picture that a friends of mines mom put together composed of all my family, I love this picture it has us all, even though we never really posed for it, it is still very realistic. My daughter wasnt even born till after my grandmother passed. The table in the pic were my uncle and aunt sit is the actually table my grandmother would set every year at xmas and the hutch in the background was her's too. The piano she is setting at is still in the family and has been since before I was born.

My Family..... Where do I start LOL As with most familys our is delightfully disfuncional LOL I think anyone has what you would call a "normal" family. And mine is far from normal. My immediate family consist of two sisters, a brother in law, a handful of nephews and a couple neices. Then my Uncle and his wife and there son. And of course my mom and step grandfather. We see each other all the time and get together for all the holidays. My dad lives in Ohio so I dont see him as often as I would like but love him just the same. We have lots of cousins from both my moms side and my dads side, some I see more so then often. But people tell me all the time how it amazes them how close we all are. I love my family and dont know where I would be with out them!
Here is a picture of my mom:

Here is my oldest sis Nikki:

Here is my older sis Renee ( I am the youngest no matter what she says LOL)

This is my moms brother, my Uncle Carl, he is also my Godfather

Aunt Tammy, Carls wife my daughter Godmother-

Here are all my nieces and nephews-

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