Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bathroom Reno Stage #2

Here is the bathroom stripped down bare, with only the new toilet sink and shower head's installed. It does have new drywall in place of the tile walls which is being prepared for paint.
Here is the old dirty tub that we can't afford to replace but it will be getting reglazed and look like new again.
This is the old light fixture, the new one is so much nicer cant wait to see it up.
Heres a few views of the walls ... I know not very excitting LOL
Heres the new floor which needs to be cleaned but it is pretty white and gray marble look, just peel and stick nothing fancy but we are not in a million dollar home here LOL and then the back of the door which will also be painted and just some other general pics of the areas which needed major damage control
Again I know not very excitting but the new toilet and sink, but I do love love love the new faucet.
Last but definatly not least, this is the one thing I will be enjoying the most besides the decor... The dual shower heads, one stationary and one hand held with the holder mounted low for me to be able to reach while sitting and the big rain type heads on them I can have either one on or both at the same time hell ya! Theres also a peek in there of the new chrome corner shower caddy the hubby installed.
Well thats it for now more to come soon....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bathroom reno stage #1 part #2

The theme for my old bathroom was out houses which I still love the idea of but I wanted to switch things up. I am going to save my out house stuff incase we get another house with a 2nd bathroom (which is kinda in the plans in the next year or so). The new theme is just white, black & gray with just a little tiny, tiny pop of red. My husband and I have always loved Ansel Adams, but he is a bit out of our price range LOL I definalty wanted a nature feel to the room , we found a really cool big canvas print of a broken up wooden dock for the big wall, I am excitted to see it up. Then I found a cute little 5x7 black and white pic of an old claw tub with just a little red border, for little wall by light switch. For above the mirror,I bought a black and gray wall sticker that is a quote about being yourself and has a small owl and some branches,which was an awesome deal for only .99 cents! I bought a red towel to hang for my pop of red to go with the red in the border of the tub pic. The picture above I put together and had printed out 8x10 I think it is going to go on the wall between the big over the sink mirror and the over the toilet cabinet we are putting up. All the pics in the collage I took and most are from one of our favorite places to visit and even lived there once which is about three hundred miles north of where we live. Oh and the quote with the collage is from Shakespeare... luv him. I got the prettiest shower curtain it is black with white vines and leafs, black toilet seat cover, rugs and trash can. I found the handiest shower curtain liner, it is clear plastic and has mesh pockest of various sizes on the inside of it for storage, whoever thought that up is great, lol I get happy about lil things! The walls will be a medium gray, not to dark not to light. Which the tile that surrounds the tub and shower are gray bordered by thinner black tiles. The hardware is all new and white and chrome and we have a black and clear storage unit that has replaced the vanity now that we have a pedastol sink. We also got a new chrome light fixture which is very pretty. We even are doing the small stuff like, new towel bars, new toilet paper holder (which I still need to pick one up) and new switches and switch plates. In place of the old medicine cabinet we have a big mirror with a white frame, which was a freebie from the nieghbor that she was going to throw away and there is nothing wrong with it, thank you very much :) and we bought a white cabinet and shelf unit for storage to go above the toilet. I helped pick out the accessories and the hubby picked out the hardware, I think we did a good job and cant wait to see it all come together! I know this is a tease with so little pictures LOL but I'm working on building your anticipation LOL More pitures will come soon I promise......