Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to School

This week all the kiddies go back to school, including mine. Last year didnt go exactly how I would have liked for it to go for my son (the 14 year old) but I dont want to talk about the negative aspect of it, that would be completely opposite of what I preach. So Here's to this year going well and my kids excelling beyond our expectations. My son has been through it once so his second time around should be a breeze! My daughter (the 10 year old) enjoys school and is so excited this year because she gets to be safety, I remember when I was a kid and I wanted to be a safety all the time but never got the chance so I am also excited for her. She dont even mind having to go to school early. This year will have to be a lil more structured in order for them to meet their goals. i was planning on enrolling my son in a charter school but they dont have room at the time, which he didnt want to do because of the whole uniform thing but they have art and so many other extra curricular things to choose from I think it would be so much better for him, but everything happens for a reason so we are looking to the bright side and he is happy he is going to the same school as last year. I never liked school as a kid and I always try to talk positive about school with the kids so not to discourage them. I think we have most of our school shopping done to... $400 later LOL

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Domestic Witch said...

hahaha clothes shopping was always the best part of going back to school!