Thursday, September 24, 2009


As much as we all love and need our family's. We need our friends to, I love my friends they are just like family and I think I would loose my mind(whats left) with out them. Over the years I have several acquaintances that have come and gone and I am thankful for them, they made my life colorful. But as I am older I have a group of people i call the Ya- Ya's and I have mentioned them several times before, I love them! I also have my life long best friend Beth, we have been through alot together, there has been times over the years when we didnt talk over stupid shit but we always found our way back to each other. We are grown now and most likely wont have to worry about petty fights anymore. hell we know to many secrets about each other to be enemies LOL.

This is my Ya Ya Dawn I have known her the longest of the Ya Ya's, we met online through a ghost hunting website called Ghostzoo she used to run, well she also had another site called Pagan Center, and she approached me about having a online group through her website were like minded Pagans & Witches could meet and get together. That was 7 years ago, but I feel like I have known her my whole life! YA YA!

Next I met Raven she is quiet till you get to know her, but if you are lucky enough to get to know her you will find you are in the presence of a goddess I just love her to death!

Now from this point I am not sure who all I met first after Dawn & Raven So I will start with the Ya Ya i see the most.... I see her everyday she works 2 feet away from me so I couldnt avoid her if I wanted to, not that I would want to I love her! I will never forget the day she approached me about being a witch, I had been working at my job about a week and she came and sat in my office and said she had looked at my yahoo profile and I thought Oh boy here we go "yes I am a witch and have read the bible and no I dont need you to pray for me LOL" but thats not what happen, she said she was a witch too, what a relief LOL Shes gonna kill me for this picture LOL!

Now as much as I love my Ya Ya's we get a few Yo - Yos' sometimes too, hehehehe seriously though Kenny is adorable he is the baby of the bunch and I dont get to see him as often as I would like but the boy can cook mmmmmm and he is just all around a lovable person!!

Now let me introduce Moonstone, she is the reigning Queen of the Witches Ball and she is a true sense of a Queen! Her and i clicked right away, we have kinda the same background, single moms who grew up downriver, and have alot of the same interest. She has two adorable twins and a beautiful teenage daughter. She lives kinda far right now but when we do get to hang out we have a blast, funny story I guess we click so much that a few people actually thought we were lovers LOL Well shes hot so I take that as a compliment LOL

Last but not least by far, I give you Luna! I dont know were to start she is so awesome! I met her for the first time at Dawns house she came for a Pagan Center activity. Right away I knew she was a keeper and would soon become a YA YA. She is the most giving person I know. She seriously would give you the shirt off her. LOVE HER!

Here is a few of us hanging out at Jocelyns house last year.

What is Ya Ya and why do we call ourselves it???

Well if you have ever seen the Movie or read the books "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" Then you probably know what I am talking about. But if you haven't, its about friends that have known each other forever and a day. And that have been through alot of stuff together. So we adopted the term and faithfully use it! YA YA!


Raven_Nightwind said...

Awe, Kelly I am gonna cry. I LOVE YOU TOO SISTA

Domestic Witch said...

It does feel like forever!! I love you!