Monday, April 27, 2009


Affirmation; is a declaration that something is true.

Positive affirmations are good to have around and can be helpful to get you in the right mind set. I have mentioned the notes from the universe that I get daily emails of. For Yule one year I made my Ya - Yas a daily quote jar. They can just pull a piece of paper out daily and hopefully it helps make the day go better. Dawn often sends me request for need new affirmations for her jar, which I happily oblige.
And we all know how I love my vision boards so why not combine the two. (thanks to another blogger & polyvore I had a light bulb and this is what I came up with ~>

Todays Affirmation>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things to be thankful for

I know I have said it before, but let me remind myself LOL When things are just in a funk and your day doesn't seem to be going the Way you want it and you keep telling your self be positive damn it but you just cant seem to get out of the funk.....
When all else fails you can always fall back on gratitude. Everyone always has something to be grateful for and if you think about it you probably have several thousand things to be grateful for. When in a funk just take a moment make a gratitude list, picture, phone call, whatever floats your boat. Things will look up in no time.
Here is my polyvore gratitude page for today, some of the things in my life I am grateful for.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My daily message

As I mentioned before I get daily message's from the universe, I LOVE them! Here is mine from today its one of the coolest ones I have got lately.

You're freakin' me out, Kelly. I can't remember when you last looked so radiant. When your inner beauty shone so bright. When your step was so light and your smile so heavenly. And it's Monday! What's gotten into you?!

Does this have anything to do with recalling your divinity? Have you realized that time truly is on your side, and that more than enough of it remains for us to do your greatest work? Is it that you now see how much you already have, how many you've already helped, and how much you've already done?

Ahhhh! Your eyes just did that sparkly thing! Moonbeams just shot from your fingertips! The aroma, all around you, is like lavender! And your angels are locked wing to wing singing, "Weeeeeeeeee are the champions..."

...Okay, okay. So I'm pulling your leg a little bit. Truth be told, I can't remember when you didn't look like this.

All together now...
The Universe

© ®

Don't you LOVE "Queen," Kelly?

Then here is my message from Friday which I wasn't at work Friday so I didn't read it till today (Monday) But its funny what it says, because When I went out Friday to the bar with my bff. This lady approached me after I did a song on Karaoke she was going on about how great it sounded ect (she was tipsy I am not that great a singer LOL) but anyways she was saying how her friend that was there with her used to love to sing all the time but has gone threw breast cancer lost her breast and was really self conscious about her self lately and couldn't bring herself up to sing ect ect well then I go into 'preaching posit ivy mode' and I just told her she was beautiful inside and out, she made the decision whether she knows it or not to not let the cancer kill her now she needs to look at it as learning experience make the choice to move on ect ect ect. And both women responded really well and i think I really made an impact with all I said, well the tipsy one hopefully will remember LOL but her Friend was sober and I know felt better about things when i was don't preaching. They both gave me a big hug and thanked me repeatedly. So anyways after all that here is my message from Friday...kinda ironic.

Give it thought, Kelly. Consider every angle. And then speak your mind.

You've not been drawn into anyone's life just to listen.

Loud and proud,
The Universe

© ®

You're not here to be quiet, Kelly. Actually, you're one of my spokes-peeps.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daily Thought

Your thoughts are free, right?

It must follow, then,that so is everything else.

Elementary, my dear -
The Universe


Therefore,you never, ever again, have to ask, "How much?" Because now you know.

© ®

New Blog

I have a new blog dedicated to my southern roots and to help me with the Fmaily reunion planning. It will have recipes, jokes, ideas, whatever hillbilly comes to me. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment or two :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Now what....

Ok so you have watched the DVD or read the book, or just listened to me go on and on about the power of the secret and law of attraction ect. Your pumped your curious does it work and will it work for you.....NOW WHAT? Ok so maybe your not the type of person that can just absorb an idea and go full force with something, you dont want to be disappointed. I understand ! So why not take a few small things you learned and try it, even the simplest little silly thing try and see what happens I guarantee you wont be disappointed. For example...... On your way to the grocery store, you want it to be a stress free experience.... Ask for the best parking spot to be open and waiting for you to pull in, see the spot in your mind and you pulling into it. And when you do be grateful for your "reserved" spot. Then ask for a shopping cart that drives smoothly and all the products on your list to be fully stocked and with in reach, heck even ask for them to be on sale. And when this all happens recognize it and be grateful again. And lastly ask for a short check out line and friendly cashier. Smile and know it will be and be grateful again. Now you will be on your way home not stressed and totally happy about your shopping experience that you made happy, by simply using the secret!!!!
And if for some reason things at the store didnt turn out how you wanted and you are now totally frustrated and wonder why the hell didnt it work! Before you cuss me out LOL think about your exact words and thoughts during the whole process.
Did you say " I hope there are not any long lines" vs. " There will be a short line"? or " I want the parking spot nearest the entrance" vs. I hope all the spots by the doors aren't taken"? Details are very important when wanting the universe to respond and can make all the difference. When you said long line the universe made it so, it doesnt differentiate between "I want" and "I dont want", same with the parking spot or anything else.

So like I said start off with little things like daily chores and you will see a difference and then you will get the hang of it and can use the Secret on a bigger level.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thought for the day

Too often, the only difference between HAVE and HAVE NOT depends on whether or not the initial request was followed by a thank you, yee-haa, and action, rather than a question mark, timidity, and TV.

Don't ask. Give thanks. Bust a move.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Worry, worry, worry

Everyone worries about one thing or another. Why do we worry, if something is going to happen its going to happen whether we worry about it or not. Most of the time when we worry it is focusing on the bad not the good. Worry brings stress, doubt, restlessness ect. I am sure I don't need to preach about why we shouldn't worry and how bad it actually is for us. But how do we get rid of it, now that is the question!!!
There are several things we can do to keep from being a worry wart. And what it boils down to is just taking your mind off what it is that is worrying you to begin with. Everyone has there own methods of stress relief, and stress and worry go hand in hand. So what ever works for one will work for the other. One big thing I use that I have mentioned before is music. Music can alter moods dramatically in my opinion. If you are singing along to one of your favorite tunes then you are more then likely not worrying about what ever it is you have to worry about to begin with. LOL Sorry if I am talking in circles here. Whatever it is that makes you feel good and will keep your mind off things, do it. Pet the cat, read a novel, write a blog, spy on neighbor(or not ehehehe). The point is if you are focused on something you enjoy, you will not be worrying or stressed. This is good if you are having a hard time focusing on the positive a matter, which is causing you worry. Once you get over the worry you can move on to visualizing the positive and making it happen.

That's What I call NO WORRIES!

Daily Teachings:

If you are visualizing all of the time and nothing is happening, it means that you are overriding your intention in some other powerful way that you are not aware of. What are you thinking? What words are you speaking? What actions are you taking? If your not sure, ask the universe to show you were you are overriding your intention, and it will be shown to you clearly.

Monday, April 6, 2009


One of the things that stuck out from the teachings of the secret was about creating an environment that will promote the things you want for yourself, mainly surrounding yourself with positive things and people. If you have a bunch of people that are crooks, liars, bums hanging around you, it will bring you down if it didn't already. When you surround yourself with people that are for the most part happy, uplifting people then you will be too. No one is perfect and everyone will have their moments, but if you can see the difference in what is happening in your life by the people you choose to have around you, you are on the right track. I cant say it enough like attracts like. If your group of friends sits around all the time complaining how bad things are how poor everyone is, humdrum blah blah, that is exactly what you are setting yourself up for. And if you need to be that person to stand up and say Hey! it could be worse, lets not sit here and whine, the sun is shining and the air is fresh lets just be happy, it will catch on and for those that dont get the catch its time to release them, you dont need them bringing you down.

I myself am lucky to have a great group of friends, they are all very different but we are like family and I am so glad to have them in my life. They are uplifting, supportive, and always there for each other no matter what. As you can tell I am totally addicted to polyvore(Dawns fault) so I put some sets together that represents (in my eyes) each one of them.

Dawn by Kelly Concord featuring Falke tights & leggings


Raven by Kelly Concord featuring Thomas Wylde boots


Kenny by Kelly Concord featuring Converse sneakers


Luna by Kelly Concord featuring Morgan accessories


Daisy by Kelly Concord featuring Nike clothing


Moonstone by Kelly Concord featuring Monsoon brooches


Amanda by Kelly Concord featuring Tarina Tarantino earrings


Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Proposal

Every girl dreams of the perfect romance, her knight in shining armor, the one who seeps her off her feet, why expect anything else we are all worthy of it and why visualize anything different!

The proposal
The proposal by Kelly Concord featuring Old Navy shorts

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

polyvore boards

Money by Kelly Concord on

Dawn I love you! My Ya Ya Dawn posted about the polyvore site on her blog. And this is an excellent way to create vision boards, you can create as many as you like and never have to get out the scissors and glue!! These are a few I created just to play with.

Random Love
Random Love by Kelly Concord on