Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bathroom reno stage #1

We have started something excitting!!! Renovations on the house!!!! SO... in 20 years not alot has been done to the house other then a coat of paint and new carpet once. Approx. 7 years ago the airport came through the whole neighborhood and put in new windows, outer doors, insulated the attic, put in a new furnace and installed central air( which was awesome that they did all that!).And now that my mother moved out and my family and I have moved in the house. We have been waiting and planning and visioning things we wanted to get done all year and it has finally started!! WOOhooo! First we had some plumbers come in and take out the laundry room floor and fix and the effed up pipe, they were fast did a great job and did it for a fair price. Now we have started with the bathroom, then kitchen and then were not sure about the order but every room is getting updated. But we started with the smallest to give us that jumpstart. I am sure there will be some bumps but it nevertherless is excitting and a fun and posative change! Thank goodness I have a handyman husband he's a jack of all trades master off nothing, lol But no seriously I am very thankful and I give him big props because not only is he mostly working on it by himself, with some help from a few very good friends, but he also has me to tend to recovering from surgery and working other side jobs to keep money in our pockets. And I am also so thankful I have two very well adjusted, extremely helpful and patient children, we love them to death!! We are doing it as a family and that is exactly how it should be, LOVE IT!!! I seriously plan on blogging through the whole thing, but I can not make any promises :(But so far i am off to a good start and at the moment determoned and enthused so here we go........ Bathroom demo... messy and probally the funnest part LOL..
Here is a general look of the before. I have always hated the wall paper and border. They were the furthest thing from matching or realted in any type of a theme.
The uglier wallpaper under the ugly wallpaper lmao
Wall behind toilet and medicine cabinet removed...
That aweful wallpaper coming down Thank goodness..
Wall across from toilet and sink with ugly tile wall gone gone gone...
Just plain old yucko, old toilet, old sink and vanity, mix matched uneven bad peel n stick floor , GOODBYE!
I know the picture is poor quality it was off a phone but here is a preview of the new toilet!!
Hubby getting new sink ready!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Tears

I have shed alot of tears over the last couple months over various things that may have been effecting me in one way or another. i am not usually a cry baby ever but the last few months it seemed as thow the tears came easily. Crying doesnt always have to be a bad thing. Today I have shed some tears, but not over anything that is effecting me in anything way other then love. They were tears of joy; I am surrounded by amazing people. My family.... I have a husband that has such a good heart he is helping a complete stranger have just a little bit of an easier life this winter. Him and I have had our differance and i wanna punch his lights out sometimes but he is a good man and has so much love to give. I have a 17 year old son that is still his mommas boy, he helps take care of me and waits on me hand and foot if he needs to , with no complaints, most 17 year olds only give a shit about their friends and partying. I have a 13 year old daughter that is more mature and responsable then most 30 year olds I know, she is your typical girly girl with her hair and make up and clothes and shoes and the mall OMG lol But thats one of the reasons I adore her. She like her father has a heart of gold and would bend over backwords for anyone, also like her brother she helps to take care of her momma and has become a very good cook in the process. I will brag all day about my family and I am sure complain too LOL I have a group of Ya -Ya's (aka friends) that are the most Loving, understanding, and giving people I have ever known. Then I have all these extended family members and friends that I dont get to see very often, but I know they are out there and the love is there no matter how near or far away. What more could I ask for. Everyday shoukd bring a new reason to be happy and so happy that it can bring a tear to your eye Look for it, it is there! Reminds me of a quote by a very wise man. Prof. A. Dumbledore, “ happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”