Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home is were the heart is

I love my home that I have now, but dream of one day having that big house with a wrap around porch on lots of property to plant willow trees and gardens and a white picket fence:)A jacuzzi in the back by the pool and a mustang in the driveway.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Even as a kid I was fascinated with traveling to distant & exotic places. I would get everything I needed for my journey and make my bed or couch into the ship that would take me to my destination. My mom would get mad if she called for me because I would tell her I cant come I am in the middle of the ocean LOL Now I haven't done a lot of traveling as an adult other then a few places with in the U.S. But I definitely aspire to travel to a few places before I leave this world.





New Orleans:

And I know I posted this the other day but I would really LOVE to go Rv-ing around our beautiful USA!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Black Hat Society Picnic 2009

Every Year for the past 3 years I have hosted a Black Hat Picnic for Pagan Center And this past Sunday the Black Hats came out again! See we figure the Red Hat Society has the older ladies, and as Witches "Black Hat Society" is just fitting. Its really just an excuse to sit around cackle and be merry.
Here is a few of the pictures:

My Ham of a kid :)

The Movie star!

Witch & Witchlette

Caterpillar catcher

Little Raven Witchlette

Proud momma & newest witchlette

Tango anyone?

Dont try to hide!!

Ok so I have been trying to do my blog weeks by a theme and this week I have decided to do dreams and aspirations. It is important to have Dreams & Aspirations it helps the universe know what to give us!

So for Monday (keeping with the Black Hat stuff)My dream is that all of the world will be more understanding of us whom choose to wear the pointed type of black hat :)

Friday, September 25, 2009



Today I am thankful for LOVE! As a Gemini I Love to fall in love, I fall in love easily and with everything and everyone LOL But as a Gemini I also fall out of love too! Todays gratitude message is LOVE often LOVE strong LOVE everything!! Love makes you feel good and fuzzy inside!!! And who doesnt want to feel all fuzzy inside LOL

Thursday, September 24, 2009


As much as we all love and need our family's. We need our friends to, I love my friends they are just like family and I think I would loose my mind(whats left) with out them. Over the years I have several acquaintances that have come and gone and I am thankful for them, they made my life colorful. But as I am older I have a group of people i call the Ya- Ya's and I have mentioned them several times before, I love them! I also have my life long best friend Beth, we have been through alot together, there has been times over the years when we didnt talk over stupid shit but we always found our way back to each other. We are grown now and most likely wont have to worry about petty fights anymore. hell we know to many secrets about each other to be enemies LOL.

This is my Ya Ya Dawn I have known her the longest of the Ya Ya's, we met online through a ghost hunting website called Ghostzoo she used to run, well she also had another site called Pagan Center, and she approached me about having a online group through her website were like minded Pagans & Witches could meet and get together. That was 7 years ago, but I feel like I have known her my whole life! YA YA!

Next I met Raven she is quiet till you get to know her, but if you are lucky enough to get to know her you will find you are in the presence of a goddess I just love her to death!

Now from this point I am not sure who all I met first after Dawn & Raven So I will start with the Ya Ya i see the most.... I see her everyday she works 2 feet away from me so I couldnt avoid her if I wanted to, not that I would want to I love her! I will never forget the day she approached me about being a witch, I had been working at my job about a week and she came and sat in my office and said she had looked at my yahoo profile and I thought Oh boy here we go "yes I am a witch and have read the bible and no I dont need you to pray for me LOL" but thats not what happen, she said she was a witch too, what a relief LOL Shes gonna kill me for this picture LOL!

Now as much as I love my Ya Ya's we get a few Yo - Yos' sometimes too, hehehehe seriously though Kenny is adorable he is the baby of the bunch and I dont get to see him as often as I would like but the boy can cook mmmmmm and he is just all around a lovable person!!

Now let me introduce Moonstone, she is the reigning Queen of the Witches Ball and she is a true sense of a Queen! Her and i clicked right away, we have kinda the same background, single moms who grew up downriver, and have alot of the same interest. She has two adorable twins and a beautiful teenage daughter. She lives kinda far right now but when we do get to hang out we have a blast, funny story I guess we click so much that a few people actually thought we were lovers LOL Well shes hot so I take that as a compliment LOL

Last but not least by far, I give you Luna! I dont know were to start she is so awesome! I met her for the first time at Dawns house she came for a Pagan Center activity. Right away I knew she was a keeper and would soon become a YA YA. She is the most giving person I know. She seriously would give you the shirt off her. LOVE HER!

Here is a few of us hanging out at Jocelyns house last year.

What is Ya Ya and why do we call ourselves it???

Well if you have ever seen the Movie or read the books "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" Then you probably know what I am talking about. But if you haven't, its about friends that have known each other forever and a day. And that have been through alot of stuff together. So we adopted the term and faithfully use it! YA YA!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is a picture that a friends of mines mom put together composed of all my family, I love this picture it has us all, even though we never really posed for it, it is still very realistic. My daughter wasnt even born till after my grandmother passed. The table in the pic were my uncle and aunt sit is the actually table my grandmother would set every year at xmas and the hutch in the background was her's too. The piano she is setting at is still in the family and has been since before I was born.

My Family..... Where do I start LOL As with most familys our is delightfully disfuncional LOL I think anyone has what you would call a "normal" family. And mine is far from normal. My immediate family consist of two sisters, a brother in law, a handful of nephews and a couple neices. Then my Uncle and his wife and there son. And of course my mom and step grandfather. We see each other all the time and get together for all the holidays. My dad lives in Ohio so I dont see him as often as I would like but love him just the same. We have lots of cousins from both my moms side and my dads side, some I see more so then often. But people tell me all the time how it amazes them how close we all are. I love my family and dont know where I would be with out them!
Here is a picture of my mom:

Here is my oldest sis Nikki:

Here is my older sis Renee ( I am the youngest no matter what she says LOL)

This is my moms brother, my Uncle Carl, he is also my Godfather

Aunt Tammy, Carls wife my daughter Godmother-

Here are all my nieces and nephews-

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I am thankful for my children. They are what I am most thankful for in my life, they always have been, I would have to be put in a nut house if anything ever happened to them. I dont want anymore kids thats for sure! But I love my Brats. They grow up to damn fast!
Here is Coty:

He is my oldest, 14 now! I can still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. He is a mommas boy that is for sure. He is very quite most of the time and shy shy shy. He likes his video games like most boys and has a ball python that he names Yeti because she is big. Before he got her he would go to the woods and catch gardener snakes for all the neighborhood kids, they all called him the snake hunter. As matter of fact if a resident calls the office and has a snake in their yard I send my son instead of a maintenance man LOL. He thinks he is a comedian and can come up with some pretty funny one liners and really gets everyone cracking up sometimes! I love him so much he will always be my baby no matter how grown he gets!

Here is a pic of him on Santa's lap a few years ago, I had to bribe him to do it, it was the last time I could get him to do it LOL

Now we have my second baby Grace

We call her Gracie, she is 11 now and man oh man does she think she is grown! It has been my experience girls are much harder to raise then boys, I am glad I had my boy first because I probably would have kept my legs cross after having a girl first LOL
But really she is my pride and joy, she is my lil dancer, talker, helper, love bug ect. She is just an all around girly girl, loves to shop, be with friends and family and listen to music. She is very respectful of her elders and goes to the elderly peoples house in the neighborhood and takes out trash or helps with other chores, for nothing she just does it because she like to help people. Dont get me g she is no angel and can be a lil snot, she fights with her brother like cats and dogs and loves to aggravate him. But I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world!

Here she is with Angelus my Ya ya's son, he just adores her and she adores him!