Monday, September 28, 2009

Black Hat Society Picnic 2009

Every Year for the past 3 years I have hosted a Black Hat Picnic for Pagan Center And this past Sunday the Black Hats came out again! See we figure the Red Hat Society has the older ladies, and as Witches "Black Hat Society" is just fitting. Its really just an excuse to sit around cackle and be merry.
Here is a few of the pictures:

My Ham of a kid :)

The Movie star!

Witch & Witchlette

Caterpillar catcher

Little Raven Witchlette

Proud momma & newest witchlette

Tango anyone?

Dont try to hide!!

Ok so I have been trying to do my blog weeks by a theme and this week I have decided to do dreams and aspirations. It is important to have Dreams & Aspirations it helps the universe know what to give us!

So for Monday (keeping with the Black Hat stuff)My dream is that all of the world will be more understanding of us whom choose to wear the pointed type of black hat :)

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