Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New meds again

Ok so
A couple years ago I was hit pretty hard with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have been through a few differ Dr's and lots of differ meds. At one point we tried injections of Enbrel. So the Enbrel helped a little for a bit then stopped working all together. I stopped taking everything for a few months and got real bad again with pain and inflammation to the point I couldn't get off the couch again, I got some prednisone from my sis in law and was basically acting as my own Dr. i know not good but I have been so disappointed with Dr's in general over the last 2 years that I thought I might as well just take care of my darn self! I was on the road to having weight loss surgery and almost there when hitting a road block, now I have to start all over from the beginning. So in the mean time started to see a new Rheumy and he was an ass, saw me 4 times without even bothering to send for my records draw blood or get x rays!!! So I finally got in with my old Rheumy and she is putting me on Humira and Methotrexate. Like I said the Enbrel wasn't doing anything and from what I understand the Hum isnt much different but maybe in comb with the Methx it will help me. The other option is to have the infusions of Remicade(sp?) but I work 10 hours a day so the time it would take to go to the hospital once a month is just not doable right now. When I have a day off I take full advantage of doing nothing LOL so I dont want to be tied up at a Dr appointment. But if all else fails I will be trying that next. I wish I could get some darn weight off I know that would majorly help, but being on the predinsone isnt going to help at all. Why oh why is that the only darn thing that seems to help!! Ugh ! Now I know complaining is a big no no and it goes against everything I have been talking about when it comes to The Secret. But I just wanted to give a little background info on my condition because I plan on blogging about it more often. I haven't started the new meds till next weekend scripts are expensive and have to wait for payday, but time will tell how it works, I have decided that they are going to work this time and I am sticking to it! Damn it to all hell I am so over being crippled I am on the road to better health, and amazingly enough today I feel pretty damn good, better then I have felt in a long time. It could be the fact that I am running on like an hour sleep and I am delusional but whatever works right LOL

So in the mean time I wanted to figure out a theme for this week and I cant get Halloween off the brain I am going crazy here, I dont want to rush it & it be over before I know it, but at the same time I am soooo excited for it to come!!

So everyday I will post something on preparing for the upcoming Season of the Witch!!

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Sage Moonstone said...

I hope the new meds work well for you!