Friday, September 4, 2009

Here comes a check.....

I have told the story of the 8$ check I got after watching The Secret the first time. Well I am trying it again hoping for a bigger one this time. Funny thing on of my Ya Ya's mentioned it the other day but the figure she said was 12$ and then that very same day my another friend was laughing how she herself got a $12 check that same day! LOL Also, I have mention tools to help with using the power of th law of attraction, one is a check you can write yourself. Here is the link again~>
I am going to print me one out and write it for about 1,200$ I am expecting a return for my corrected taxes soon so maybe this will help it along I really could use it ASAP!
So I will keep everyone up to date and let you know when that check rolls in !

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