Wednesday, October 14, 2009


About this time of the year we like to go drive around and see all the cool spooky yards, kinda like how families go look at xmas lights hehehe, Well here are just a couple we saw so far. Will be adding more soon.

This is a House in Allen Park very cool!

This house also in AP, my sis used to live next door and the cool fence and few figures in the yard is just the beginning, this house really goes all out they are awesome and usually have traffic backed up all the way down the street to see it in all its glory on all Hallows eve!

This house is actually my sisters they also just got started with the decorations they go all out for the big night too, to bad they live on a dead end and dont get allot of trick or treaters but we still have a blast!

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Angela - Upon Request said...

Sounds like a great place for trick-or-treaters!