Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Town.....

Disney has a series of movies out called Halloween Town, I fell in love with them the first movie, I mean come on who can resist a family of Witches LOL Here is the article from Wickepedia:
Halloweentown proposes that fantasy beings such as trolls, living skeletons, and humanoids with varying numbers of heads, limbs and sensory organs are real, but separated themselves from Earth's history to escape humans' fear and persecution. These characters created their own community, Halloweentown, a thousand years ago in an alternate space.

Travel between Halloweentown and the ordinary, historical world (which Halloweentown residents call "The Mortal World") is only possible with magical aid, and only at regulated times (on Halloween), until the portal seals at midnight. The events of the second film create a less restricted travel channel, and events of the third film breach the gap even more.

Although magic is present in many of the details of daily life of Halloweentown, it appears that only a limited number of persons actually practice or control magic. These people are mainly human, and are called witches (female) and warlocks (male). Magic is hereditary in their families.

The Halloweentown movies concern episodes in the lives of the Cromwell-Piper family. The family matriarch, Agatha Cromwell, has been a pillar of Halloweentown society for centuries. Her daughter, Gwen Piper, married a mortal and chose to leave Halloween town for a life in the Mortal World. At the time of the movies, she is apparently widowed. She has decided to raise her three children (Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie) apart from magic, and thus rejects contact with Halloweentown and the influence of her mother.

In Halloween Town they have all kinds of people, monsters, creatures of all different shapes and sizes. So I have my own lil version of Halloween Town on my entertainment center, that I got out and set up a few weeks ago, it has lots of different sized houses, people, creatures ect. I like when people have holiday themed villages and usually they have all matching items, but mine dont match at all, I even have the cottage in the woods and talking apple tree from the wizard of Oz and Dorothy with her friends walking down the trail, the wicked witch is on top of the cottage but she has lost her head, oh and Glenda is there but somewhere along the line she lost an arm hehehe anywho I love my lil Halloween Town perfectly imperfect!!


Spooky said...

ROTFLMAO! I totally blogged about this today too! It's Halloweentown the best series! My kids LOVE them ;)

Priscilla said...

Hi, I also enjoy watching the Halloween town movies! In fact one is on this week, so I may have to watch ha,ha...

Priscilla x