Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up....

Ok I have a bit of catching up to do sorry !! Friday was SUPER busy at work as its the last day for everyone to pay rent on time. But I will start with Friday and go form there!

Fridays spookiness consisted of, Watching the movie 'Drag me to Hell' Good movie very scary old bitch, I dont want to give anything away but I would give it 3 out of four stars!

Saturday Spookiness was learning a new form of divination with Ribbons at Jocelyns house, then later that evening Dawn and I went to see Paranormal activity! OMG it was good, especially for such a low budget movie! I wont say to much about it but it is well worth to go see it!

Sunday is usually all about football & food in my house but we took some time to do some shopping! Found a few lil halloween goodie on & ends and my BFF found her costume at Value Village it is very cool! Here she is just to show once we add scary make up and blood and what ever else it is going to rock!

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Domestic Witch said...

haha I thought you would have posted the picture of my "scared" haha!