Thursday, October 15, 2009

Half way through :(

The month is already half over and I am so sad ! It doesnt seem like we have done that much spookyness :( Well tonight we will have homemade chicken and dumpling soup, and watch a spooky movie that I picked up for $3, its call The Woods or Into the woods I am not sure but I seen it years ago, kinda cheesy but the girls will be scared and plus if I remember it is about a school for bad girls and crazy shit happens so if anything it will be a good example to scare the kids with that I am going to send them there is they dont behave LOL. Plus I have a few more decorations I need to get up and ofcourse we are still getting things in order for the kids Halloween party and then I need to prepare my famous tortilla rolls for the party I have on Friday to go to cant wait!!

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