Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ugh more snow!!

And it's snowing again , it's I really coming down out there, the news said 5- 6 inches maybe! I have to laugh because I don't know why I am surprised lol it sure ain't the city up up here, even though they have got as much snnow downstate as we have this year. I don't really mind I think the snow is beautiful . I just don't like it on the roads and when it turns icy. The ice makes it difficult to get up and down my ramp in my wheelchair, even with salt it don't really help. Ice on the roads scares the shit out of me and I just assume not go anywhere at all. Now I know why bears hibernate in the winter. I am a home body I like being at home, I am the type of person if you wanna hang out then come to my house, I don't mind company at all. But I think I'm getting just a tad bit of cabin fever. I like my monthly shopping trips lol I recently went down state to pick up my daughter she was staying with her gram over the holiday break. My plan was to stay all weekend but had to cut it short and leave Saturday afternoon cuz the snow storm was coming. We made it home safe and missed all the bad weather thank goodness. The next day I didn't think we had got hit that bad up here so I decide I'm going to go the 20 miles to Mt Pleasant to go to Walmart and Sams club. Well I made it about 10 miles down the freeway to the next city and was freaking out he whole way, the roads were horrible , I got off the freeway and took the back way home so 20 miles round trip later it had been almost 2 hours, I could only go 10 15 miles per hour. I miss my envoy with 4 wheel drive, I wouldn't have went any faster but if I did end up off the road I know I would have been able to get out of a sticky situation. Don't get me wrong I love my sexy black Chrysler but she don't love the bad roads lol. Like I said I'm not surprised about the snow it was actually something I was looking forward to. The first time I ever came up here with my friends to visit, it was in the winter, I was in awe of the snow, it wasn't all black and dirty like it gets downstate from the traffic. People were on their roofs shoveling that was a site to see lol. We spent the night at my friends in laws and they lived kinda out in the woods. When I woke up in the morning ( I was sleeping on the couch), I sat up looked out the window and I was absolutely mesmerized !!!! It was like something on a Christmas card a winter wonderland, there were snow covered pine trees all over , a pretty lil frozen pond out front, sparking iceicles and it was lightly snowing. I just sat there for what seemed like at least an hour, it was quiet and peaceful, so relaxing. Well everyone else in the house started to wake and the day started. Later my fri end and I were talking and I brought up how I had been sitting just enjoy ingot he scenery, and she had been in the bedroom looking out the window doing the same thing as me. I said that day that I was gonna live up here one day, well here I am snowed in lol I think we will be investing in snowmobiles before next winter, they would be a blast! Don't get me wrong I miss being downstate in the city, there a lot easier and more convienatly access to things and I can't say I will stay here forever , I never know when my other personality ( I'm a Gemini ) might pop in and say fuck this shit we are out lol ! Plus my momma is down there so I go as often as possiable . Well there has already been so much schooled cancelled everywhere up here I don't know if it will be a snow day tommorow or not. Downstate if it's 3 inches they usually call a snow day but not up here, I'm not sure with 5 inches if they will close or not. My daughter always says the bus driver can't drive so it makes me a nervous wreck the thought of her on that bus if it's bad out, so we will see she might be haveing to get drove by us the next couple days. Excuse the typos I have know idea why it's giving me such a hard time editing, I click were I want to edit or spell check and the curser ends up somewhere totally different then I can't get it to move, it's like the damn thing has a mind of its own ugh!

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