Friday, January 17, 2014

Freaky Friday

It's the weekend TGIF !! Not really a whole lot going I on but one of my favorite shows! Ghost adventures! It's helps that the guys on the show are not to bad to look at lol I like the show Taps too, but I feel like they try to hard to debunk things and maybe over debunk. I don't need proof of the paranormal I have experienced so much of it through out my life. As far back as I can remember I have seen or heard ghost, not neccassarily full body apparitions. But lots of things out of the corner of my eye type stuff or other strange happenings. In a house I lived in a few years back I was all alone and there weren't any near bye neighbors and the tv and stearo were not on, plain as day very loudly I hear " stop" , I stopped what I was doing and looked up and even the dog that was laying at my feet looked up with her ears perked so she heard it too! I said " hello?" Heard nothing I said " stop what?" and still didn't hear anything lol so I went about my buisness. It didn't startle me I know most of the time they just want to be noticed. My husband on the other hand would have been running out of the house lmao! When I was very young 3 I think I would see a lady in the basement of our house she would appear on the wall as if she where a picture, she would summon me " come here Kelly I want to talk to you" . I remember it well, she would come often. I was always to scared to go see what she wanted. I would run to my mom and my mom would never find anyone, she never appeared to anyone but me. For years I hoped to find out who she was and during a deep trance reading ( I wasn't in a trance the reader was lol) told me she was my twin from a past life. It was very cool to learn. The house I live in now I swear must have been built on sacred grounds or there's just a lot of energy for spirits to use because of the lake , I'm not sure but not a day goes by that I don't see or hear something or something strange doesn't happen. 2 days after moving in we were sleeping in huge living room and about 4 am the front door just slowly creeps open. What made me open my eyes and look is I thought I heard foot steps near the door like maybe the dog, the house was silent no one up and moving, I remember my son locking the door before he went up to bed lol I woke up my hubby and he looked around and found nothing and shut and re locked the door and was of course totally freaked out . It would be cool if one of these ghost buster shows would get something solid undeniable on record one day but I doubt that will ever happen. There's Toni's of evidence out there that is wonderful but there will always be a skeptic in the crowd. Oh well it will be cool to pass on and get to be a ghost and walk through walls and scare people and shit lol have a good weekend everyone happy haunts!!

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