Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday isn't always bad...

Well my days and nights have been totally mixed up, I finally fell asleep at a decent hour last night and stayed awake when I woke up this morning after getting Gracie off to school. I need to try to keep my self motivated so I got my ass off the couch took my shower and made my dinner for the next two nights, and then got the kitchen all nice and cleaned and cleaned the bathroom and now it is only a few minutes before 1 in the afternoon and I am amazed at how much I actually did today, it feels pretty good. I think I might even crack a cold one lol After a few important phone calls I have to make I will be done for the day. Ohhhh what did I make you ask... Well for tonight's dinner I made stuffed cabbage which isn't one of the things I specialize in lol it usually falls apart and ends up being cabbage soup it's good but not quit like my moms or grams would have made. This time I did it a lil different and it didn't fall apart hopefully it taste as good as it looks. I also made a meat loaf for tommorow dinner but I think the kids will dip into it tonight, I don't think they will eat the stuffed cabbage. My meatloaf is actually a specialty, it's a simple recipe and I don't always do it exactly the same depending on the ingredients I have on hand but rather the ketchup I use Catalina dressing in the mix and BBQ sauce on top, it usually is very yummy. I pride myself on my cooking , I am not an expert chef there has been a few things I have botched lol but for the most part I don't get any complaints. My grandma was a god cook I learned a lot from her, but I learned most everything from my mother she has always been an amazing cook. She had a catering business for several years and was at high demand. I wished she would have had a chance to open a Resturant I know she wanted to but unfortunalty it never happened. Actually I think she learned a lot from my granny ( my dads mom) she had a lot of kids and always cooked big and cooked good as a lot of southern mommas do. There's a lot of good cooks in my family lol that's prob why we're all fat! All that good down home southern comfort food, which you know damn well most of it ain't healthy lol. My daughter is becoming a very good cook to, she likes spending time with my mom and they cook together, they are very close I'm so glad they have that bond. If you ask Grace she will tell you she's a better cook then me lol she says " anyone can cook but not everyone can make it taste good" . Which is a true statement lol so we always have a joke when one of us is cooking about wether it's gonna taste good or not . She's a comedian half the time and a lil snot the other half... Bipolar runs in the family too lol. Well that's all for today peeps Again I have to add I'm haveing trouble editing to excuse the typos

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