Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back for now

Wow it's been awhile, I actually forgott about my blog:( I don't kin what reminded me of it but here I am , don't know how often I will be back but I'm here for now lol. Well it's a new year thank goodness, 2013 totally sucked, I will not go into to much detail because there's no point, it won't change anything, so now lessons learned and moving on. My eyes were opened about a lot of fake people friends and family people I thought that would be by my side no matter what but when things got tough the fake got going, no matter I'm still me in all my greatness I don't need drama or people that think their lives are so great and problem free that they can't be bothered with my problems, not that I ever asked or ever will ask anything of anyone but true friends and family stick by you no matter what and wow did I really find out who those people are. Looking forward to this year and the potential for all good things. Over the last couple years I have greatly lost touch with practicing The Secrect and all the powers that positive thoughts hold and what happens to you when you hold on to negativity. I am slowly retraing my self to embrace only positive thoughts. It's so much easier said then done, especially when you dig yourself a hole as deep as I did lol it not only effected myself but my family, most importantly my kids, so if not for any other reason for them i am getting back on track!! I am determined to be happy I am happy I am healing 2014 is not just a new chapter of a book, it's a whole new damn book, get ready bitches lol I never read 50 shades of gray but it won't have anything on me lol wait was that book about sex ? Lol idk but I know it got everyone excited so I'm all about getting excitted ( not that way , get your mind out of the gutter ) ! Ok I'm off for now . There's some editing in this post that needs to be done but it's giving me a hard time so sorry for any confusion

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