Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day n night

I love my son and daughter. Grace is doing so good in school she has lots of friends and seems to actually like it now. I remember my freshman year in school. While I have never been a fan of school, I came home on the first day of kindergarten and too my mom " it's ok but I don't think I will go everyday.." Lol and I never did! But if I had to pick a time at school from what I can remember freshman years would be my favorite. Anyways back to to Grace... I hope she continues to enjoy school. I feel bad because she has had to change schools so many times, but then again she is a social butterfly and has friends all over the map! She is a smart cookie though and she is like me makes the best of any situation, she is smarter then me in many ways ( the lil shit) she has way more street smarts or world knowledge or whatever then I did when I was her age. I have always said she is an old soul. I know she will comin tie to flourish and really make herself something one day. My son Coty he is a whole different breed of kid! Well he's not a kid no more :( he is a grown ass man, he will be 19 this year... I was 19 when I had him omg I feel old! He has always been a good kid , very rarely would I really have to scold him for anything. Well some of the few things that do I have to look back and laugh. For example I woke up about 4 am one day, Coty was 4 or 5 and he was in the living room, I asked him what is he doing. I don't recall him answering but he was playing with our birds, one was o it flying around and the other was in his pocket.... Yup I said pocket lol. But he really was just playing he loves animals, he always had some random rotten or bug or whatever caught outside, when he was like 12 he would wake me up at the break of dawn on the weekends to let me know he was going snake hunting lol. We had a lil tiny piece of wooded area and pond by us and that's were he went . He is still an animal lover he currently has 4 snakes as pets . I say he's a different breed of kid because, he really is. 99 percent of the kids his age are a mess, partying, drugs, haveing baby's, already been arrested a few times, the list goes on. Coty has done none of that. He is so chill, he likes hanging at home. I'm not trying to make it sound like he is some sort of hermit or something, he likes going places as a family when we do stuff, I'm glad my son likes hanging with us. He has friends don't get me wrong, Coty is very likeable, people enjoy his company he doesn't give anyone any reason not to like him. Don't let his big teddy bear ass fool ya, I feel sorry for that first person that crosses the line with him, I can see him opening a can of whoop ass on someone like no other, he is as strong as a damn ox. I have always said how strong my husband is and Coty is way stronger! He might live at home till he's forty but that's ok lol like I said people like Coty he is fun to hang out with and actually when he gets going he is fucking hilarious he is always cracking us up over something. Well I love both my kids so much with all my heart on soul, I have no idea what I would do with out them!!!! *again a side note I'm haveing a hard time editing for some reason so excuse the typos...

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