Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Change is gonna come..

I couldn't even tell you exactly tell you how long ago it was that I discovered the secret, I wanna say it was in 2005 maybe, but I remember the night sitting in my living room and finding the documentary that changed my life. I really took hold of what I learned that night . And it still amazes me what a difference it made. Changeling your thought process really makes a world of change. I wish it was easier done then said. You have more negative thoughts then you think you do when you pay attention. It simply takes practice, lots of practice to turn them around. Sometimes you don't realize your effecting your surroundings negatively . " ugh I'm so tired today " ... That statement doesn't exactly seem negative but your putting it out there that " your tired" , well the universe responds and you stay tired . I know seems so simple right! So when the tired feeling comes over you just say the opposite " I'm feeling so awake and refreshed" keep repeating it , imagine in your mind what it feels like to feel wide awake and refreshed , eventually your body has no choice but to respond to what your mind is thinking. Like I said it takes practice , lots of it!!! So when I first learned about the Secret I practiced and practiced, and my life was changing everything was getting better . It stayed that way for a long time. I guess I got to comfortable and feel very badly out of practice. I am back at it . It's not something that you can do a lil here and there and expect it to work, and once it's working for you , you have to keep at it, there's no automatic happiness button, you have to work at it. Every lil bit counts. A positive thought is a thousand times stronger then a negative one. Just since I started blogging again I feel uplifted. The good thing about staying in practice is there is no glass ceiling, you can only keep getting happier and bringing abundance into your life. The saying you can do anything you set your mind to is true. But if your mind is in a dark space then that's what your life will be surrounded by is darkness. So make an effort to bring light into your life. Think happy thoughts!!! Practice makes perfect!

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