Thursday, February 26, 2009


When you sit back and really pay attention to the negativity in the world it really blows your mind at how much there actually is! I mean have you ever watched the evening news geesh! Maybe you might have one story out of the whole freaking hour that is positive and heart warming, the rest is, murder, fire, theft, scandal, and everything else bad under the sun. I used to watch the news everyday when I came home from work and sometimes even before I went to work, but I can hardly bring myself to watch it at all anymore!!

People come into my office everyday saying things like "its so bad out there, the economy is failing, everyone is loosing jobs ect". I just nod my head and agree, when really I want to say "STOP!!!" What is wrong with you people, ya its not the greatest right now but what kind of attitude do you have! By going on and on and on about it, is not going to make it any better!! Its like spreading disease. If you stop talking about how bad it is and say "Things are getting better or Things are going to be great, wonderful awesome", whatever adjective you want to use, as long as it has a positive impact. You never know what one little thing you say might do to totally change someone or somethings course of action.

If you come across someone who is having a bad day, week, month, or life, it might only take for you to say to them, that things are going to be OK. And that just might change their way of thinking. More then likely if they are really down and out its going to take a whole lot more then one lil comment, but its the idea and the possibility that matters. Its just as easy to spread happy thoughts like a disease as it is bad thoughts.

One lady said to me, "everyday I go to work and worry if I am going to have a job".... Ugh! well that's the first step for sure to end up losing the job. She said "do you feel the same way or are you secure at your company". I said "well you never know whats going to happen from one day to the next but I don't worry about it, I feel secure and I am thankful and happy everyday for my job and what I have."

Its so easy to let doubt and fear slip in. Its bound to happen, especially with all the negative surroundings. It helps to just keep reminding yourself of your happy thoughts and how great of a life you have. (and your life is great no matter what is going on damn it!) There are lots of lil things you can do as reminders or to just lift your spirits if you are feeling you are in a negative vibe. I like to use music and if I ever figure out how to post music on here I will post a happy play list LOL.

Remember One Positive thought is a millions times stronger then a negative thought!!

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Jocelyn said...

I totally agree with you on this and not just cause we work in the same damn place either. But that does go a long way with the whole your word is a very powerful thing so if you say it think it, it is going to surround you.