Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vision Boards

In The Secret they talk about having a vision board or having several. One of the teachers John Assarf goes in depth about it. The idea is to have something physical to look at and remind ourselves of what we want, what our goals are. He explains that you just cut out pictures of things you want put them on a board somewhere you will see it and it will help to aid you in bringing those things into your life. By posting what you want you are sending out the message 'this is what I want". When you look at it and have these happy thoughts you are sending out energy of getting what you want. An important point to make is: you should always see yourself in yours goals, so if it helps put a picture of your smiling face right smack dab in the middle of the rest of the pictures, then do it! Its pointless to visualize a dream vacation to Europe endless you can actually see yourself there!
Long before I knew anything about The Secret and I was living at my mothers after my separation from my husband. Me and the kids shared a room and bed in my mothers tiny house, not the greatest time of my life but it could have been worse. All I wanted was my own place again, privacy, my own stuff ect. ect. We used to get all these catalogs in the mail with home decorations, furniture things of the like. And I would ponder over how I would actually decorate my own place when I got it. Then one day; more then likely just out of pure boredom I decided to create a note book of everything I wanted for my new place. I had a section for each room and wrote down details of the colors and themes I would like to use. I also started cutting out pictures from the catalogs we got. I had the dishes, silverware, linen, couches, lamps, paintings, everything you could imagine for a new home picked out. I had that book filled to the max!!! Nothing was to good or expensive or out of reach I could have anything I wanted all I had to do is cut it out and put it in the book!! i loved looking through it and showing it off even. And yes I got a few laughs and keep dreaming. But I didn't care I kept it in my mind that when I did get a place i would have all that stuff and I would have the best house out of anyone I knew. Well I packed the book away at some point. I eventually did get my own place, a cute lil place if I do say. I came across the notebook, looked through it and to my utter surprise I had A LOT of the stuff that was cut out and pasted in it!! Did I get everything? No, I didn't end up with all of it (like the 100,000$ crystal chandelier LOL) BUT I did get and still have and I am still getting a lot of the stuff I put in my book.
Your vision board or book or whatever you want to put it on, doesn't have to be some elaborate crafty masterpiece. If you choose to share it wonderful, but you don't have to do that either. If you have been wanting a new car, maybe one in particular, find a picture of it, post it up somewhere you will look at it often and every time you look at it, imagine yourself driving away in it! See yourself signing the papers, hell close your eyes and pretend to drive it, motor sounds and all. The more real you make it for yourself and the more you believe it, the easier and faster it will come!
At Christmas time I encourage my kids to go through all the sale ads and circle things they want, I am sure most f us did this as kids. Its the same concept seeing what we want and doing something about getting it. In The Secret they give an example of a young boy cutting out a picture of a new bike he wants and making a cute lil page and pinning it up in his room, and how he ends up with the bike. My point is that this is so easy a kid can do it! LOL and its actually a good way to help introduce The Secret into our kids lives. After all they do learn from example.

The magic and power to manifest our dreams is with in us all, its our gift to use and use and use, it is indispensable, you can never run out so take it and run with it baby!!!!

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