Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In the beginning

So after I first learned about the law of attraction I thought how can I use this and make it work for me, there was one lil' piece from one of the teachers that stuck out and I thought what the heck I will try it. The teacher said something to the effect of he was always so worried about the bills and past due notices in the mail he would receive and hated going to the mailbox everyday. So he decided to tell himself that he was going to get a check and after focusing on getting checks that is what he now gets the most of, yes still bills come but not as often as before and he now has the checks to pay them. Well I am sure there is more to the whole story on how he got the checks I am not sure. But I thought hmm well it couldn't hurt so for a week i thought over and over "I am going to get a check on the mail". And every time any lil doubt crept in I re enforced the check idea. Well I actually ended up getting a check in the mail, don't get to excited peeps it was only for 12 bucks that I had over paid on some account. But heck money is money right! So I thought well there might really be something to this whole Secret thing and I re watched the dvd and really focused on the hows and whys.

There are alot of things that have stuck out from the teachings that I use to remind myself when things are looking gloomy.

But first I want to focus on what the law of attraction actually is .
From Wikipedia:
The phrase Law of Attraction, although used widely by New Thought writers, has a variety of definitions. Turn-of-the-century references conceptualized the law of attraction as relating to physical structure and to how matter develops. A more modern consensus among New Thought thinkers is that the Law of Attraction says people's thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they're aware of it. Essentially "if you really want something and truly believe it's possible, you'll get it", but putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don't want means you'll probably get that too.

Many modern proponents say that the Law of Attraction has roots in Quantum Physics.According to proponents of this law, thoughts have an energy which attracts whatever it is the person is thinking of.In order to control this energy to one's advantage, proponents state that people must practice four things:
1. Know what you want.
2. Ask the universe for it.
3. Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.
4. Be open to receiving it.

I have watched the dvd several times and have read things on the Internet and in a few books i recently bought. I learn something new about it every time.

The law attraction brings everything to our life, so even the bad comes. Everyone would like to keep the bad out, me included. And from what I have learned and experienced if you focus on what you dont want the universe is going to respond by giving it to you, I know this seems a bit unfair, but the universe does not recognize " I dont want to be late for work" it recognizes "late for work" and so it will be an you sure enough will be late for work. I never really realized how many negative thoughts go through ones mind in a day till I paid attention to how I was thinking about things.

A positive thought is 1000 times stronger and more effective then one negative thought. So when I do catch myself saying " I am so tired" or " I feel like crap" I stop yell at my inner self (lol) and think over and over " I feel great" or " I have so much energy". Then the universe will kick in and set those thoughts into motion.

One of my favorite quotes is from Mike Dooley... "Thoughts Become Things... Choose the Good Ones"

At first when you are re training your brain (and thats basically what you need to do) to think only in a positive way , it might seem exhausting, but it does get easier if you stick to it, and I promise you WILL notice a big difference. Start off with little things like being on time for something or waking up energized and happy. Have you ever heard the term "fake it till you make it"?

There are lots of small things that you can do to bring a positive change into your life, little things add up and before you know it you will see how much better it can be. Everyday and every moment you decide how your day will be. Get up in the morning and decide "this is going to be a great day, everything and anything will go perfect in every way" and smile and believe it. believing it and feeling it is so important combined with positive thinking and you are unstop able! Last xmas I made my Ya -Ya a positive affirmation jar, there are lots of lil papers folded in it that say nice things, positive thoughts, silly sayings just lil nice things in general, they pick one everyday and read it and if that is the only thing they can make themselves focus on that is positive well then its better then nothing. One of my Ya ya's loved hers so much that i often get request for new things for her to add to her jar for the month and I am more then happy to oblige! if that doesnt sound like your cup of tea and you would rather just tape notes all over the place with happy thought, well what ever works!

One of the teachers from The Secret said that the Universe is like a genie in a bottle "ask and you shall receive". Once you can grasp that idea and really begin to put it to use with just the small everyday things we can really move on to bigger and better things. like those checks in the mail woohoo!!

I hope this is not something that people will get all pumped up on and think yes I am going to do I am ging to change my life and be more positive and then a week, month or year down the road just let it tapper off and forget about it. If you really make an effort to be positive in all aspects of your life it will only get easier and better with time, we are the creators of our own destiny's why not make them the best and most wonderful that they can be, don't settle for anything less then the best we only have one life its best to make it the most awesome ride that we can create!!

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