Monday, February 23, 2009


One of the general rules of the Law of attraction is Gratitude, being thankful for what you have. And really if you think about it its probably one of the easiest rules to follow. Everyone has things to be thankful for, even if its just waking up in the morning! Being thankful helps us to bring positive vibrations into our lives. Everyday you should find things to be thankful for and it can be from big things like your family's health to minor things like catching that egg before it rolled off the counter into the floor creating a mess! One of the teachers of The Secret talks a lot about how he carried around a gratitude stone in his pocket and every night when he would empty out his pockets and he would hold the stone and go over things he was thankful for in his life. Another thing you can do is keep a journal, and write in in daily , weekly , hourly whatever of good things that happen and you are thankful for. It really shouldn't be that hard to come up with several things and your thank yous soon should be flowing out of you at light speed. As matter of fact I try to apply this to everything now, for example this morning I was looking all over for my bra I kept saying, I need my bra I need to find my bra, and with in minutes I found it in the most random place(the 9yr old put the laundry away that's what I get) and I immediately said thank you so much. And it was just second nature to say it. I know you are thinking bra give me a break I will be thankful if I found a million dollars! But that's just the thing is life is not and don't have to always be about the big things, little things count too, and when we recognize that we can get to the big things a whole lot easier!! Here's a simple step to being thankful, take a piece of paper and just start writing down random things that make you happy or that you enjoy, little things that make life special......

The smell of a new baby
Morning cup of joe
warm blanket to cuddle
my child saying I love you
the cat purring
finding my bra (lol)
I woke up on time and not rushed
hot shower
listening to your kids laugh in their sleep
your fav song on the radio
catching all the green lights on your way to work
chocolate milk
ice water
going to the movies
smell of rain

The list can go on and on and on and on

When you are grateful for things that you enjoy in your life, the more of it you will have, the more you have in your life the more you will enjoy it, the more you enjoy your life the more things you will have to be thankful for, I know vicious circle isn't it :) LOL And when its all said and done you can look back say , what a ride THANK YOU!!!!

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