Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I really believe music can effect our moods. I love having music playing when I am cleaning, getting dressed, relaxing, driving, anytime pretty much. I love all types of music from oldies to Rap. What I am doing or how I am feeling usually decides what I will listen to. Everyone has that favorite song that no matter what makes them smile and feel good, its good to try to keep it handy on your play list. And if your not feeling so great or are stressed out push the play button it will more then likely help bunches, if you don't have it handy try to at least whistle it or hum the tune and think those happy thoughts!!! Your mood will be turned around in no time and you can get back to all that creative and positive visualization whoo hooo!

I finally figured out how to add music to my blog i hope you enjoy it!

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Domestic Witch said...

Haha I love that Travis Tritt song, It's defininatly on my uplifters list. But the top of list is Amas Veritas by Alan Silvestri - that song always does it for me. Anything from our ya-ya soundtrack works, but Amas Veritas is the shit.