Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Totally Unique thoughts Introduction

One of the teachers from The Secret is Mike Dooley he has a company called TUT Enterprises Inc. Which stood originally for totally Unique t shirts. He has a book that I recently received called Totally Unique thoughts, Reminders of life's Everyday magic! So occasionally if I have writers block or just come across something from the book I would like to share I will post it here. If you ever want to look back on one just look for it under the 'totally unique thoughts ' label.

Mike Dooley also has a web site were you can sign up for daily emails called notes from the universe( i have the book also). I get notes from the universe everyday and LOVE them. Sometimes the days message hits the nail on the head so much I think wow are they in my head or what! Anyhow I will post the Note from the universe from time to time as well which can also be found under the labels.

Here is Mike Dooleys Web site :

And heres the first Thought:
The magic in life is far to great, To spend your time waitng on fate. in just a blink Your dreams are born, And wehn you act with faith They begin to take form.


jessica said...

Hi Kelly, I stumbled upon your blog... I LOVE Mike Dooley. I listen to his tapes and they always do the trick for me. I feel better and hopeful again, within half an hour. Isn't he the best?

I bookmarked your page and I will be following your success of applying law of attraction. I have a similar blog, same journey. Feel free to stop by and we can compare notes.

Kelly said...

Thanks for finding me , you have a great page too!