Sunday, March 22, 2009

When is doubt......

When you feel like your in doubt of the whole law of attraction process or just feel like you are having a hard time being positive. Remember one thing GRATITUDE.
If you just wrtie down or run through things in your mind that you are gratful for that is one step out of your funk.
There is nothing negative about being gratful. And everyone, (I dont care who ya are) has something to be gratful for.

We really should be reconizeing things everyday thay we are gratful for, as a general practice and not just useing it to get out of funkiness. But like I said if you do feel it a funk and not sure what to do being gratful is a very useful tool.



Lily Wyte said...

You are a fan of The Secret I see. I have the movie too, and really was inspired by it. Are you finding that it works for you? I only ask because I follow another discipline and so I didn't give The Secret's way a shot. At least not yet. I do know some people in my circle said The Secret didn't tell the whole secret, which dampened my own enthusiasm. That's why I ask if you have had luck with it.

Kelly said...

My answer is a huge yes!! The Secret has overwhelming worked for me, I don't get very passionate about many things and The Secret has been a passion of mine for over a year now. I am sure there is way more to the law of attraction then talked about in the movie, there are tones of books out there about using the law of attraction and using positivity in our life's to make it better. But the core meaning is there and if you start to use it the deeper meanings and uses come naturally. I don't do well with discipline and following any type of laid out lifestyles and Since I have decide to be positive and use a lot of what the Secret teaches my life has been 100 times better. As a witch I have always used energy work, which is kinda like the secret, you put out to the universe what you want and it responds. But before the secret I never really realized exactly how much the universe does respond. Ask any of my close friends and they will tell you how strongly I feel about useing the law of attraction to our benifit. p.s. thanks for your interest! I checked out your blog and I like it!

Lily Wyte said...

Thanks. I think I must go back and watch it again!