Monday, March 16, 2009

3 steps to start

From Mike Dooleys, CD 'Thoughts Become things'.

Here are 3 quick and easy things you can do to start off making some positive changes in your life.

1. Visualize with details: See what you want, the color, the size, the way it sounds, the way it feels, the way it smells. And dont forget to always always always put yourself in the vision.

2. Feel it: Reach deep inside and really feel like you already have what it is you want, pretend if thats what it takes. Feel how happy, excited, warm, giddy ect. you will feel when you have what you want in your grasp.

3. The end Result: Just see the end result, NOT how you are going to get it. Let the universe worry about how it is you will get it, if you try to tell the universe how to get it to you , you may only delay the process. If its that new higher paying job or position you want, just see yourself having it, not how you are getting there, just know you will. Trust in the law of attraction it is always working.

As a side note only take maybe 5 minutes a day to practice these 3 steps when you have something you are shooting for in mind. Anymore time then that will create worry and that will just hinder the process as well.

And dont forget once you have it be grateful you do !!

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