Thursday, March 19, 2009

More on vision boards

I wanted to bring this back to the surface, I think vision boards may be the easiest way to incorporate the law of attraction into our life's. Like I mentioned I started making a scrapbook of things I wanted long before I knew anything bout the concept.

This past weekend one of my scrapbook ideas really came to life.

I have always wanted a country kitchen, with primary colors and stars as the themed background. I cut out the dish set, canisters ect I liked and pasted them in my scrapbook. Over the past few years I have been collecting various items that fit what I wanted for my kitchen and adding them here and there, I never really had to look hard for what I wanted it all just kinda came to me(gotta love that!). And my kitchen has always had the country feel to it since I moved out of my moms but it just wasn't quit what I was visualizing. If you have ever been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant the decor there is what I had in mind. My best friend came over this past weekend and we went to work. Got out all the old the wasn't going to be used and I didn't want or didn't fit with the theme brought out and put together new stuff, re arrange things, hung, nailed, glued, you name it!! And I LOVE my country kitchen now it is 98% of what I had visualized! Ya there are a few very minor details that I would like to add but I am really happy with the results and to think it all started in a scrapbook 4 years ago! I took pictures and will add them next week when I remember to bring my camera into work with me.

Other rooms have come together much to my delight as well(again thanks to my best friend, she is a work horse I dont know what I would do with out her). About 6 months ago I decided I wanted to redo my bathroom and came up with the idea of outhouses and like magic one of my favorite shopping sites kept coming up with all this outhouse stuff for the bathroom! So I would see something put it on my wish list and lil by lil order it and put it up. After I found the last piece(shower curtain) I bought the paint, pulled everything out of the boxes and Beth put it all together for me! It looks awesome, I couldn't be happier. And even though I didn't have this idea in my scrapbook or a vision board I still visioned what I wanted kept a wish list on the shopping site(most have this feature) and it came to life, same concept pretty much. IN i will post pictures next week!

My living room is pretty much the same story, I had purple furniture in the scrapbook n that was one of the first things I bought when I got the new place three years ago. You never really know how things will come to you. As I was day dream shopping and adding things to my scrapbook I came across these 2 Renaissance type prints that I knew I had to have one day. Well about a year later, I was yard sale shopping with a couple of my ya - ya's and I walked into this garage and there were my prints! I let out a very loud gasp and OMG! And my Ya-ya's who heard me from the neighbors garage came running LOL Needless to say I bought the pictures and they hang on my wall to this day. There is always lil different things I like to do to my living room its ever changing in slight ways, I like to keep it interesting. A recent change I had always had the idea in the back of my head was: glass jar apothecary type, theme scene for somewhere in the room. Well i wouldn't exactly call it apothecary type but I did end up finding some very pretty glass pieces and it came together nicely. Again pic to come soon.

As far as the bedrooms of course I have big plans for those in my vision book but for right now I am just happy the bedrooms are cleaned and organized, i have been and will continue to pick up lil things here and there for them and eventually it will all come together. And the same goes for the basement have HUGE Plans and that I am sure will be the last room to get done, but FOR NOW I am So happy and grateful that i have what I have and all my visions are coming to life!!!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings lol

And if you haven't started that vision board or book WHAT R U WAITING FOR!!! Tallyho!!!!


Jocelyn said...

this is all a good idea. i will have to get some pictures of how i want my kitchen that is the one room i am not completely satisfied with.

Domestic Witch said...

Love the idea! Can't wait to see your kitchen

Anonymous said...

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