Monday, April 13, 2009

Now what....

Ok so you have watched the DVD or read the book, or just listened to me go on and on about the power of the secret and law of attraction ect. Your pumped your curious does it work and will it work for you.....NOW WHAT? Ok so maybe your not the type of person that can just absorb an idea and go full force with something, you dont want to be disappointed. I understand ! So why not take a few small things you learned and try it, even the simplest little silly thing try and see what happens I guarantee you wont be disappointed. For example...... On your way to the grocery store, you want it to be a stress free experience.... Ask for the best parking spot to be open and waiting for you to pull in, see the spot in your mind and you pulling into it. And when you do be grateful for your "reserved" spot. Then ask for a shopping cart that drives smoothly and all the products on your list to be fully stocked and with in reach, heck even ask for them to be on sale. And when this all happens recognize it and be grateful again. And lastly ask for a short check out line and friendly cashier. Smile and know it will be and be grateful again. Now you will be on your way home not stressed and totally happy about your shopping experience that you made happy, by simply using the secret!!!!
And if for some reason things at the store didnt turn out how you wanted and you are now totally frustrated and wonder why the hell didnt it work! Before you cuss me out LOL think about your exact words and thoughts during the whole process.
Did you say " I hope there are not any long lines" vs. " There will be a short line"? or " I want the parking spot nearest the entrance" vs. I hope all the spots by the doors aren't taken"? Details are very important when wanting the universe to respond and can make all the difference. When you said long line the universe made it so, it doesnt differentiate between "I want" and "I dont want", same with the parking spot or anything else.

So like I said start off with little things like daily chores and you will see a difference and then you will get the hang of it and can use the Secret on a bigger level.

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