Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daily Thought

Your thoughts are free, right?

It must follow, then,that so is everything else.

Elementary, my dear -
The Universe


Therefore,you never, ever again, have to ask, "How much?" Because now you know.

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Danika said...
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Danika said...

Hi Kelly!

WOWEE!! Nice! Mike will be so pleased you thought of him!

One minor thing though. Since the Notes are copyrighted, we would need you to include the entire Note,(with PS) not altering or changing in any way, and of course crediting each quote (Note) used with author's name.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Keep in touch!

Love and Light,

Kelly said...

Hi wow thanks! I love Mikes stuff and I love my Notes from the universe! I will be sure to add all the correct info. I dont want to break any copyright laws OUCH LOL,The only change I will make to the notes is taking out my name, I hope that is OK. Mike is one of my favorite teachers of The Secret I even have a few of his books! I am so happy to share all the great quotes ect. I think the more people that know about it and use it the better off the world will be!

Kelly said...