Wednesday, July 4, 2012


July: The heart of summer! Americas birthday! It is also 2 of the most important females in my life birthdays month; my mother & my daughter. It is also a bitter month as a reminder of when I lost my grandmother. This month in my blog I will feature all 3 of the above mentioned. They all have effected my life in such a way I dont know what i would do with out them. Although my gramma is on the other side she is still with me and the things she taught me while here still are certainly still with me! America the beutiful and we sure know how to celebrate it! Fireworks have seemily been none stop since before the 1st of the month and will continue for the next couple weeks. My poor pregnant dog is a nervous wreck which I am sure is not good for her in her condition. But we will comfort her as much as possiable. My cat I have to laugh at... He is 7 years old and has heard fireworks and storms ect several times. SO I dont understand while all the sudden while there are fireworks going on he is doing an army crawl from one room to the next like he is under attack! I feel bad that he is scared but at the same time its hillarious to watch him. My mother & daughter -
I hope everyone enjoys there summer!!

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