Friday, May 11, 2012


Today we are having a Birthday Party for my son Coty. He is turning 17! I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around baby is 17, where the hell did the last 17 years go, serioulsy someone please tell me?????
I remember The days surrounding his birth like they were yesterday (just dont ask me what actually happened yesterday cuz that I dont remember(lol). The day before I went into full blown labor I new it was gonna happen any second. I had been having braxton hicks contractions all day, everywheere we went my husband brought a towel for under my butt incase my water broke. We were telling family and friends I was in labor. The next day that I actaully went into full blown labor was a Sunday morning, it was Mothers Day. I woke up to use the bathroom and get ready for the day. As soon as I sat up in bed, gush my water had broke or so I thought. My mother made me eat a quik breakfast before we left for the hospital knowing they wouldnt feed me untill after I gave birth. Once at the hospital they wanted to "check' me and come to find out my water wasnt actuall broke it was just my mucus plug. After walking around for an hour or so my water did actually break on its own. That was like opening a flood gate, I had ALOT of water!! Then in bed hooked to all kinds of wires is how I spent the remainder of the day. At some point during the day I was transferred to a very nice labor and delivery room it was very cozy and had plenty of room for all my visitors. My labor was thankfully very smooth. I was having good contractions but no pain. The Dr's and nurses kept asking in amazement was I sure i didnt need anything for pain. The kept saying 'wow your still smileing". Around dinner time the nurse brought in a beutiful dinner, I was starved and then I find out its not for me I cant have it! Daddy enjoyed it , jerk lol. I was still feeling pretty good going into the evening, I was dialated to a 6 only and they started giving me patosin to get me going faster. That was about the same time my sister scared me into getting an epidural. I am glad i did because the pain did start to come, boiy did it! Within a very short time of getting the patoson and epidural I started to feel the pressure and need to push. I told the nurse to please check and she said "no way i just did I am sure it hasnt changed", well she was wrong I was fully efaced and ready to push! At this point it got kinda crazy. The nurse and intern had me pushing pushing pushing and I was getting wore out fast. Plus I felt like i was on fire down below. I didnt know at the time but come to find out later, the reason for the "burning" was becasue of "ripping". I had my mom on one leg and my hubby holding the other leg. My sister was standing by my head. I wasnt suppossed to have that many people in there but we got away with it. After what seemed like forever and the hardest thing I ever had to do, he was out. They had to getting him going he wasnt breathing as good as they wanted him to, NICU had to come in put a tube down his throat and clear him up. in the meantime i am in screaming miserable pain getting sewed up from stem to stern! Finally i got to hold my precious baby boy. It was the most amazing thing ever! He was 9 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long born at 9 ish at night. Back then they still kept the babys in the nursery. So off he went and I got to get showered and cleaned up and settled in my room. They brought him to me one more time that night. My mom and hubby went out for a celebration beer and brought me back McDonalds. The next day at the hospital was busy busy busy. Coty was brought to me bright and early for feeding. I tried the breast feeding thing but it just wasnt working for me. There were all kinds of classes available. But I choose not to take any. I was perfectly content spending time alone with my baby in between having family and friends come to see him.
I could go on and on about my son. He has been such a joy and still is. I have so many stories about him. He was very sick when he was a baby and that was very scary, but we got through it and he was ok. He was always a quiet kid and he still is. He can be a comedian though really and often has us cracking up. He has always loved his animals, weather it was a hamster he was putting in a tonka truck and crashing it, or a bird in his pocket or a dog he thought would like to have a "fun ride" via hanging it from its leash around the swingset! He is mommas boy even if he wouldnt admit it. I have been told how much he looks like me, but I see his dad in him too.
I still cant beleive 17 years have passed!! I just dont know how I am ever gonna grasp it, and when 30 years have passed I still wont have been able to grasp it. Our babys grow up so fast.
He will always be my baby!
I love both my kids soooo much!!

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Magickafoot said...

It's my son's birthday today as well ...he's 26! Wish I could get the time back .
Happy Birthday Coty , from across the Ocean. have a lovely day !