Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Whats to come...

First lley me just say how happy I am to be here. I tried logining in to post in the blog and it told me it had been deleted. I gut sank, I think I almost cried. But for some reason now hours later its back and here I am . Maaybe a sign I should be paying attention to my blog more often LOL... So with that said;

Last night while I was searching channels for something to fall asleep to ( yes I need something on to fall alseep to ) I put on pbs i figure something nice and sleepy will be on public televsion. And hey I am not knocking Public TV I grew up a child of pre cable so I was watching it alot as a kid. Anyhow it was not so bad Dr. Wayne Dyer was on. I have been following him for a while now. He teaches alot about the power of posative thinking etc. Hes a lil more focused on Faith & God more then some of the teachers from 'The Secret', but still I like him alot. He has alot of good messages and storys of people over coming lifes problems by thier thoughts and actions. Funny thing I found a complete series of his,on cassette tape in my mothers garage when I moved in recently. I havent listend to it yet but plan on it soon. I find that by talking about The power of the universe and posativeness helps me to stay focused on it and on a good track. Its easy to get off track and find yourself in a pit of misery. But you have to do what you can to pull yourself out and stay out. The lil things count y9ou will see. Ok sorry i got off track LOL and back to watching Dr. Dyer last night. I caught some cool things he was saying as I was faling off to sleep and I decided to record the show so I can watch it and take notes. I want to go through some of my other books and shows about The Secret & such and taking notes. So 'Whats to come'...I plan on trying to get alot more blogging done (keeping fingers crossed). You can look for blogs about authurs and teachers, testimonials, ideas, projects, all focused on happy posative everything. Dont be suprised if I throw some randomness in here and there when I get the nitch.

For now I am off to find something to fall alseep to tonight hopefully equally as inspiring as last night:)Hapy Blogging

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Dawn Marie Howard said...

love you! glad you are blogging again! dawn