Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's been awhile!!

It's been awhile since I have had regular Internet use, so I thought I would check in. It will be brief becuz I'm on my daughters iPod n it's just a pain to type a lot but here's some good stuff that has happen and I truly believe wouldn't have happened without out using the power of positive thoughts! This past year has been a ill trying to say the least. And I have had to work very hard to keep reminding my self to "think happy". So as wit many people $ is always a big issue, and as hard as I try not to worry it happens . So I keep replacing the "worry" thoughts with "everything is ok n I will have all that I need". And sure enough it becomes the truth. I was on the edge of freaking out over giving my kids a good Xmas, and had a mental battle to stay positive. Posativity always always prevails! Not only did I get what I needed to give them a good Xmas I got extra to give them a great Xmas! Which I'm so greatful for. And remember gratitude is a big part of the secret so never leave it out. Visualization helps so much to. See what u want n feel how good it will be to have it. Don't think about how it will happen just see the end resolution and be greatful knowing it will come. Posativity visualization feeling it and being grateful.... With that recipe you can't go wrong!!! Here's to a great new year! And many many more good news post!

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