Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Hobby

I have always always wanted to try to tattoo, I mean well I have several so why not try to do one myself. I have kept in mind that one day I would have a chance to try it! Well it just so happens that about a week ago I fianlly got to try it!!! I was so excitted but nervous at the same time! A old friend of mine that has taken up tattooing in his spare time was nice enough to let me give it a try with his equipment. He was very helpful and guided me step by step. My husband got to be my Guinia pig hehehehehe, he needed a cover up on his hand so I came up with a design drew it right on his hand then tattooed it! The symbol is Gemini, Taurus and Leo all combined which is mine and my kids signs.

The drawing stage:

Finish product

I had a couple tattoos that needed touch up so here is me getting some Ink:

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