Sunday, December 27, 2009


Every year I stress and stress about Christmas and if its going to be good enough and if I am going to have the moeny to get the kids what they want. Stressin out over things is pointless I say it all the time. This year I didnt stress at all I just told my self it was going to be wonderful and knew it would be. I let the universe take it from there. Guess what it WAS wonderful, here are some of the high lights.

The week before xmas my dad and his wife came up for dinner at my sisters here they are with the kids:

Sprite got an early present,

Christams eve the kids went to my moms and we went to Dinner at greek town casino with my cousin and her hubby, it was awesome!!

Started wrapping presents after the kids went to bed it took till 2am!!

The loot

The kids with the main presents they wanted the most cell phone and ipod touches:

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