Friday, August 21, 2009

I am Back

I feel like I have strayed away. Not so much from using the law of attraction; as you cant really get away from it, it is always in play, but from practicing what I preach, I guess. I have found myself in a slump and I am so over it LOL. It took me a miute to realize it. Then I found myself laying in bed worried and complaining to myself about things in general. I stopped and thought "self STOP! This is exactly what you should not be doing"! Yes, I often have conversations with myself, call me crazy I dont care its therapeutic. Anyhow my cousins man is in jail over some minor stuff but its one of those situations where he has more time then money and has to wait it out. In his letters to her he sounded kinda down and out and I thought well let me tell him about The Secret and maybe even if he takes just a lil bit from it, it will lift his spirits and help him to pass his time in there. Well it ended up to be a 7 page letter. I dont even know if he wanted the knowledge at the time but I gave it to him anyways LOL. I got a letter back from him saying how "deep" it was and thanking me over and over. In light of all this, I have come to realize; that if I am not talking about it I dont feel like I am using it to the best of my ability and maybe not getting as much out of it as I can. I think that I am 'supposed' to spread the word?? I was actually thinking of teaching a class about using the law of attraction at ConVocation which is coming up in February, but I am not the greatest public speaker and I just am not that confident in teaching about The Secret. I also dont want to cross any copyrighted laws and all that stuff either. I would just be referencing The Secret and mostly speaking of my own and others experiences, its a big decision so I really have to think about it. Maybe I will hold a few small workshops with my group Pagan Center this year and be ready for next years Convocation? Anyways my point is that the slump was my own fault I attracted and allowed it into my life just like we do everything. I have moved on and over it everything is going to be ok. That is my motto for the weekend. I will not stray from my blog anymore even if it helps 1 person out of a gazillion then it is worth it. Spreading the word and talking about positivity can only bring more of the same it feels good. So I am here to stay peoples you are not getting rid of me LOL


Domestic Witch said...

yaya! I love hearing you talk about the secret

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