Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall is coming

I know we are going to get a few hot days still as its only the end of August, but the last few days and the crisp air have made me think of fall and Halloween and all that good stuff that comes with my favorite time of year!! Its usually when I am at my best because it makes me just feel so good and have tons and tons of Happy Thoughts!! I have even started planning a Halloween Party for the kiddies!! Sorry summer lovers I am not sad to see it end!

p.s. Blog things to look forward too..... I am going to do a 31 days of Halloween starting Oct. 1st!! I am so excited about this, every year I do it but this will be my first year blogging about it!

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Domestic Witch said...

This may be the first year that I've not caught the fall bug early. but I know it coming...!!!