Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sometimes in life we over look the little things that make us more comfortable or just give us a smile. Then one day we don’t have them. For example how many times have you lots power for a day or more due to a storm or other circumstances? It’s a major inconvenience and you soon realize how much you actually relied on it. Sure you can take you shower still but no blow dryer or curling/ flat iron, say good-bye to a good hair day LOL So when things like this happen we become really thankful for them. Sometimes there is a person in your life whom may be only an acquaintance and you only see them once or twice a month, but everytime you do they are so friendly and say the cutest lil things you cant help to smile. You may not think it has an impact on you and your life, then one day they are gone and you miss them and miss the lil smile they would give you. So as I talk about the bigger things like previously mentioned that are often overlooked, I feel like even the smallest of things are sadly over looked to much as well. I really think in these times that all of us focus too much on what is wrong, going wrong and could be wrong. Theres not enough celebrating of anything! Why do we have to have a birthday, wedding, barmitsva(sp?), or holiday to celebrate. Life should be a celebration of everything even the small stuff! In my family when we potty train the babies my sister came up with a celebration song for everytime they went, it is very corny and silly but hey it works, and think of what a hassle would be if no one was ever potty trained and there were no such things as toilets so celebrating potty training sounds logical to me! It may be only a 2-minute celebration over the smallest of things but in the end it is well worth it. Lets just say your quality of life is based on a scale of 1 – 10 and right now things are going good, you are pretty happy about your life so you would rate it at a 7. Ok try to start and celebrate the small things more often. Like I said even just a tiny 2-minute celebration all to yourself. I guarantee that the point on your life scale goes from 7 to at least 9! Now; when the big things happen, like the raise you've been wanting, or you finally buy that dream house you can celebrate BIG and already have the know how because you have been having lil celebrations all along!

Party On!!!!!

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