Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Iyanla Vanzant

I first was enlighted by Dr.Vanzant just recently on "OPRAHS - SUPER SOUL SUNDAY program. She really made sense with the things she was saying. There was a man named Steve and he had a story of past addiction and he was still struggling with many things in life. She has him stand in the audience and then anyone else from the audience that has ever suffered from addiction, knew someone, was related to someone, married to someone etc. She wanted to show him he was not alone.And everyone was "standing with Steve" it was a very moving moment! She was giving life advise and wisdom and like I said it all made sense! So that is why I wanted to profile her here on my blog. Dr. Vanzant is such a powerful posative life force! She has several books out and I plan on getting my hands on as many of them as I can.


Rev. Dr. Iyanla (pronounced E-Yan-La) Vanzant likes to call herself "just an ordinary person." She loves to shop at Wal-Mart. She is a Law and Order re-run junkie. She has never missed an episode of Top Chef and she is greatly grieved over Simon leaving American Idol. On Sundays she organizes her linen closet which includes ironing sheets and pillow cases. In her spare time she is a master scrapbook maker and an avid scrapbook supply shopper. She goes out in the snow to make sure the birds have food in their feeders and when her friends know she is cooking, they drop everything to rush over. And while she loves to do the things that ordinary people do, Iyanla has proven herself to be somewhat . . . . Extraordinary.

Read her full story on her website http://www.iyanla.com/

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