Monday, January 31, 2011

Soooo long...

Its been so long since I have been here please forgive me! Really i am more mad at myself for getting away from the secret. I feel like a deflated balloon with out it!! The secret gives me life and hope and happiness but I MUST use it ugh! So I am on the happy train and going to try to keep on going!! The power to have anything and everything you want is there you just have to grasp it and not give up. A good friend once said God will never give you more then you can handle. And I believe that. I also believe that everything happens for a reason and I say it allll the time. Am I just trying to convince myself here maybe I am but hey whatever it takes right?
There has been so many things I have been meaning to blog about they get in my head and then stored and not recorded ugh!
For example for the longest time I have been wanting to blog about the power and proof of vision boards! I know that I have talked about them before but wanted to give a prime example. About 2 years ago I held a workshop for Pagan Center about creating vision boards. My daughter Grace participated. She put lots of cute lil things and included a dog, a Little white Maltese (kinda looked like the dog for the Cesar dog food commercials). At the time I said OK that's fine but you just keep on dreaming because we cant even have a dog were we live etc etc But she kept her vision board on her wall in her room! And wouldn't you know but a year later we were moving and what did she get for her birthday but a dog exactly like the one on her vision board!! And it really wasnt planned (well kinda) but when her grandmother took her around to animal shelters with just finding a small dog in mind my daughter had totally forgot about the vision board dog. And when I saw him I reminded her and it blew her mind (and mine to actually lol). Vision Boards are just one tool you can use to focus on your dreams. I like to keep pictures on my computer and when my screen is in save mode there is a picture reel of all my visions that plays!
Feelings.... I have come to realize that feelings play a big part in your life, if you feel like something bad is going to happen then that's what is going to happen. To be happy you have to feel happy. Sometime this may require you to fake it!! Really no kidding! Fake it. Walk around like you are on top of the world smiling and laughing and seeming to have not a care in the world. The universe will have no choice but to respond and you wont have to fake it for long you will be happy and care free. It might not happen overnight but it will happen.
Thoughts......Don't doubt it. Doubt is evil and should be squashed at first sight! A positive thought is a million times more powerful then a negative thought. Sooo... When hoping for something to happen like a raise, a new job, a new car, new house, pregnancy, marriage etc etc etc. See it feel it and KNOW it! Anytime that evil little doubt sneaks in stop it and replace it with a good thought and feel and vision. For example: Your thoughts are ~~" Oh I hope I get that new job" Doubt sneaks in ~~ ... "oh I'm not gonna get it they will probably give it to someone else"... Squash the doubt and replace it ~~ " I have the new job I want it is mine!!" See yourself at the new job with a big smile and keep telling yourself over and over till you have your self convinced!!!
Everyone has bad days and negative thoughts. Just watching the news is depressing and it seems like no matter who you talk to they have something to complain about. Its really hard to get rid of negativity so it is a very self motivated thing to keep up with. You have to do it yourself no one and no one thing can make you completely happy if you focus on all the bad of life. And when you get in a funk it sometimes can be very hard to get out of it. Sometimes even impossible with out medication! But whatever it takes to be happy is a must to go out there and do it, with happiness comes health and a long prosperous life! So besides medication .... when you are having one of those days were it just seems as everything is going Wrong and you are in a funk and cant get out of it theres are way to turn the tables! Music is always good for the mood, if you are in the car and hear a song you love and it makes you smile and bop your head, turn it up and jam out! Its almost a guarantee you will get in at least a lil bit better mood. I have a list of songs in my head that I know will instantly uplift my spirits and a playlist of recommended songs. Recently there is a new song out by Katy Perry called Firework. I tried to embed it here hopefully it works. I LOVE this song!!! She says every Hurricane has its Rainbow and omg that soo true!! Or maybe your at work or home and just want to scream at the top of your longs out of pure frustration. I don't actually recommending screaming LOL you will have people calling 911 thinking Godzilla just walked in or something. Try to just take a private moment (in the bathroom or deserted hallway)and meditate for a few minutes taking deep cleansing breaths and saying to yourself "we are starting over and the rest of the day will be great" shake of the bad vibes and smile. Then go on with your day not giving a second thought to the funkiness of the morning!
Even when the worst of things seem to be happening try to always focus that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and something good will come out of it.
No matter how bad something seems you can always find something that is god in it. And be thankful for that little bit of good no matter how little it is. Because with gratitude comes more things to be thankful for. I dont care who you are or what rough patch you are going through you have something to be thankful for! Everyday when you wake up you have the air you breath to be thankful for. Take a moment everyday to think of the things you are thankful for... 1. I am breathing 2. I have a job to go to 3. I have family & friends that love me 4. I have freedom the list goes on and on and on and on. Its never ending and the list can be growing everyday, every second. The more you are thankful the more things to be thankful for come. Its like a domino effect and is undoubtedly guaranteed!!!

Another quote from the song mentioned above " maybe a reason why all the doors are closed, so you can open one that leads you to the perfect road"

So i have briefly gone over all the aspects of the poser a positive thinking now; Note to self.... GET USING IT DAMN IT!!!!!!!

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