Friday, November 13, 2009


This is a reminder, The law of attraction is ALWAYS working it never stops and it WILL respond to the messages you are sending it. The good the bad the ugly the miracles EVERYTHING!
As often as possiable I would like to post success storys and not to long ago I posted about a friend of mine and her struggles and triumphs ect. And how I preached to her about the power of positive thinking ect. Well here I am using her as an example again LOL ...... For about a week or two she has made the comments "well I always end up getting hurt around this time of year" "this is the time of year I get hurt" "I know I am a clutz, if I am gonna get hurt it will be right about now". Well guess what!! Yup she got hurt! And I told her stop saying that you are going to make it happen!! Well last weekend, we had a girls night out, and had a great time, at the end of the night she twisted the crap out of her ankle walking out to the car and was on the ground! She scrapped up her one knee and shin real good and has been laid up on my couch not able to walk becuase she hurt her ankle so bad! Now if thats not proof of Law of Attraction I dont know what is!! So be careful what you say and think !! Its true its true Its true

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Treaya said...

I never thought about it like that. Now I'm gonna have to start thinking more positive about everything.